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Entry #4


2010-05-04 05:58:06 by hybrax

Gona hate brah. Feels good man.



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2010-05-04 05:59:26

I don't understand, this panda has more talent than you have your whole collection of songs?

hybrax responds:

In bed.


2010-05-04 06:00:45

Obviously your immature comments show the amount of effort you put into your songs. We'll let the ratings speak for themselves.

hybrax responds:

Obviously your zero bombing shows the amount of effort you put into your rating. We'll let the ratings speak for themselves.


2010-05-04 06:03:02

We already have. Also, I don't 0 bomb since others have influence. If at least 5 people give you a max rating I wouldn't be able to push it below 3... but.... well...

hybrax responds:

^ This guy thinks you're gay!


2010-05-04 06:05:08

Good response bro.

hybrax responds: /post/407217


2010-05-04 06:05:52

You suck cocks like a motherfucker.

hybrax responds:

You suck cocks like a closet homosexual. ;D


2010-05-04 06:07:56

ERROR - The page you're looking for cannot be found.

hybrax responds:

ERROR - Works on my computer.
tl;dr: Cool story brah.


2010-05-04 06:12:11

Except for the fact no one cares. We're the only people that actually take the time to downrank your music. You should feel special.

hybrax responds:

Every dick that makes a thread about me is a n00b I pwned in game.
They dont even have macros, they just click.
People are saying "hahaha hes a drug addict".
People say "hahah he needs medication".
C'mon. What are they saying?
I DON'T need medication!
I'm NOT a crazy mofo.

This is organised internet paparazi.
Every big star has paparazi.
I have internet paparazi!
It's a phenomenom!
I CREATED a phenomenom.

They cannot kill me like Diana.

You know, if someone tries to rape you in the ass, you grow stronger.
Just like britaney spears.
People die. People die ALL THE TIME.
It's like the bronx... but in Europe.
It's like a jungle.
I grew up and learnt the hard way

It's like... I play games... but i dont even have to play.
It's all in my head.

The reality is while your talking about btr shit I already have it.
I just have everything.

It's like when i go to the acution house I dont have to go to iron forge.
Iron forge IS my home mofo!
Auction house is my home mofo!

It's like im a game God.
I've played everything.

The reality for me is that every game is the same.
It's like... I dont even need a screen.
It's all in my head.

For all the noobs speading roomers aabbout me:

They said that im a fucking drug addict!
Do you understand?
You're ethier a pro or a noob.
DO YOU understand?
That's life.

You know i have a big problem.
It's a serious problem.
You know its serious cus I'm pro.
In game... or IRL.

I pwn the problem.
I always manage to fix the problem.
Problems are out of my leuge.

If i have a problem with my boyfriend I just slap him
You hear that shit?
Thats what i do.
I just slap him!
And then... problems fixed huh?

If i have problems with my bitch I cant slap her.
I don't slap bitches.

It's like people on forums saying:
"you dont treat your bitch right",
"ohh you dont treat your bitch that way".

I mean c'mon man.
I'm not losing.
I'm the pro here.
I'm #1
I know how to treat my bitch, OK?

I can't pwn when my bitch is sitting next to me.
Cus' when i pwn she gets horny.
She gets too horny man.
You know, like the horny guys. Like you.

And the harder i pwn, the hornier she gets.
When i go berzerker mode, she goes horny mode.
It gets out of control!

It's like a virus, like a horny bitch virus, that eats you.
It's becasue im pro mofo!
Every bitch in the world wants me.
Every pro gamer has this problem.
Every pro has this problem!

It's just like that mofo.

You know it's like Charles Darwin.
You know Charles Darwin!
The guy with the turtles n' shit.
That says we come from planet of the apes.
The guy that put that shit in his book.
You know... survival of the fittest mofo!

Becuase I'm the pro and I'm the fittest.
My survival capabilities are the highest.
And a bitch goes for survival of the fittest.

It's like animals.
It's like the jungle.
It's like... the bitch goes for the gorilla with the biggest muscles.

Did you ever get that?
Because you arent #1!

You need to be pro mofo.
It's like... a horny bitch is like candy.
You get a little bit of it and it's nice.
But then you barf.

It's like "Oh that's nice"
But at the end of the day you get more and more and more and then you start to barf, barf mofo!

It's like if your girl gets too horny it is too much for you!

This is the other side of being pro:
It's like 1 side is the pwning and the other side, the bad side, is your bitch getting too horny.
See, it decepts you. Just like a warrior... it destroys you.

You are gona be a witness so you can hear this shit brotha.
For yo self brotha.
Putting this shit on me mofo!

^^^^^ Shit was so cash ^^^^^


2010-05-04 06:39:24

Cool story bro

hybrax responds:



2010-05-16 03:58:09

Except you don't troll, you get trolled


2010-07-02 06:44:27

I love how your picture gives the impression that you're talented and doing the right thing and that we're just being assholes.