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One last year!

2010-01-26 13:50:02 by hybrax

Hey kids. One more year of highschool then I'll be over in Sweden working for these guys: Just got some great new samples and plugins and been playing around with different combinations making small riffs n' stuff more than trying to make a cohesive peice of music. Have been promised a part time job 4-9pm do with homework it's going to be work work work xD. Hope to post more soon n_n.


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2010-01-26 17:02:19

So, you're going over to Sweden to work for an energy company... you're 17. How the hell do you think you're going to get the money?


2010-01-29 05:59:14

I had to comment on this.

"Slowing this song down would take away the very feel of jumping joy I was going for. If you can't keep up with the beat it's your fault for not being musically literate."

Musically literate? Just because someone doesn't like your fucked up piano techno shit going at insane speeds that make it sound like a messy piece of shit doesn't mean they're "not musically literate". I haven't heard one decent song from you. You're the one that's not "musically literate". Go suck a dick.


2010-02-08 05:12:59

You're a shit composer and you have no talent.


2010-03-15 02:10:13

What makes you so confident that you will be working for them? And can you speak Swedish?


2010-03-15 02:11:14

Colizo is right, you do not understand music.


2010-06-21 07:12:55

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