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2009-10-04 20:13:41 by hybrax

To the people who know me IRL:
I think NG is a suitable host for my music and after moving on from MIDI I will try to post my new works ASAP. Will probably be converting MIDI - MP3 for a while to get all my old music revamped up to a downloadable level but I'll try to post some new stuff aswell.

For the people who played my music in a band:
Sorry but due to my new discovery and obtaining of music recreation software I will be remastering all songs including those of which have been recorded by you. This is not an insult to your talent yet a testament to mine. All mixes will be credited to origonal writers and all un-named gig songs will be named and hopefully revamped

For all who don't know me IRL:
Need a song? Like my music? Just want to get to know me?
feel free to pm me for any music requests, questions, ect. Don't worry about asking permission for usage when using my music posted here, music is merely a hobby of mine. I'm still quite amature at bass and precussion if anyone could give me tips to better that side (or any side actually) of my music that would be greatly appreciated ;).


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2009-10-05 00:22:32

You suck


2009-10-26 04:34:41

Dont listen to the two comments below , i think your music is interesting and with development and refining, im sure your composing will become even better.


2009-10-26 04:40:37

I actually meant above. you know what fleek and Halofreak , your extremely nub like comments lead me to beleive that you guys actually have no ear for music or have a life. i also think tha you Fleek are not a 13 year female but a 17 year old pedofile in the making! there thats my view on your Commentors hybrax. keep up the good work.


2009-11-12 04:06:30

You actually suck


2009-11-12 20:42:25

Cheu - You've obviously never seen decent music. He doesn't have potential at all. You're second post was a rage attack against these honorable, decent comments. Stop backing him up, you're obviously his friend. Go suck a dick


2009-11-12 20:43:02

It's your not you're